Carpentaria Snake

 Carpentaria Snake - Cryptophis boschmai

(Cryptophis boschmai)

Other common names: Eastern Carpentaria Whip Snake.

Significance to Humans: Mildly Venomous
All bites should still be treated immediately and attended to with correct first aid.

General description: Generally light to dark brown with scales tipped anteriorly with darker spot. Stoutish tail with a white to cream belly. Midbody scales at 15 rows.

Average Length: 45-50cm with a maximum length around 60cm.

Habitat in SE Qld: Favours dry woodland vegetation communities. Found crossing roads in farmland areas in the Lockyer Valley and Darling Downs.

General habits: Appears predominantly nocturnal to crepuscular.

Diet: Feeds almost exclusively on skinks with one road killed specimen found near Splityard Creek with a recently ingested juvenile Eastern Bearded Dragon in its gut.

Local distribution: Recorded throughout suitable habitat in the Lockyer and Esk Valleys extending west throughout the Darling Downs.

Around the home: The habitat preference of this species would see it occur mainly within rural properties containing favoured localities.

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