Pipeline Management

Vegetation clearing

Linear clearance often associated with the installation of pipeline infrastructure is well known to staff at Queensland Fauna Consultancy. With previous linear clearing jobs in a range of vegetation and terrain types our staff can effectively and efficiently assist fauna values as well as being mindful of clearance deadlines.

Fauna assistance from trenches and pits

The installation of pipelines subsequently requires substantial distances of trench to remain open, potentially trapping a range of wildlife species. Unattended wildlife in these trenches become vulnerable to temperature extremes and predation often resulting in high mortality. The resultant loss of wildlife can be substantial especially when associated with diverse habitats supporting high species presence and species of significance.

Often potentially dangerous wildlife such as large venomous snakes or macropods are trapped within open trenches exposing a greater than normal risk to on site staff. Trained and highly skilled staff are utilised to assist both the general preservation of individual animals as well as the safety of staff working in close proximity to potentially dangerous fauna. This ensures considerations given to both operator safety and fauna welfare objectives are embraced and facilitated.

Pipeline Management