Spotted Python

Spotted Python - Antaresia maculosa

(Antaresia maculosa)

Other common names: Eastern Small Blotched Python

Significance to Humans: Non Venomous
Bites may cause minor lacerations or punctures.

General description: Solidly-built snake but not as large as the Coastal Carpet Python. Fawn or pale-brown ground colour with contrasting dark, chocolatey-brown mottled & blotched pattern and colour. Mostly cream on the underside. Head is distinct from the neck. Midbody scales at 37- 44 rows.

Average Length: 75cm-1 metre. Large specimens may reach 1.5 metres.

Habitat in SE Qld: Preferred habitat includes rocky outcrops and associated ridges within dry forests and woodland. Will inhabit areas where ground timber is frequent. Also the periphery of suburbs and disturbed farmland.

General habits: Nocturnal.

Diet: Small mammals, birds and lizards.

Local distribution: Uncommon in the Central Brisbane region. Occasionally found in outer suburbs & urban bushland. Scattered local populations occur throughout the Lockyer and Brisbane Valleys. Specimens recorded from Karana Downs, Bardon, The Gap and Samford where suitable habitat features persist.

Around the home: Uncommonly seen this species will utilise ground level refugia such as rock walls, sheet iron and timber piles.

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